The fury erupts in Oaxaca: To extend the agitation and the social war!

“What rage is felt in seeing that they have the weapons, that from this side you must run because the gases cloud your eyes, they arrive from the front and from the air, two helicopters over you, over everyone, people taking out buckets of water from the streets, settlers, mothers, fathers, youth; children in battle, uniting courage, not for reform, not for section 22, but for the dead, for the poverty, because already one can’t make ends meet and the prices rise like the murderous helicopters”

 –Testimony of a proletarian at the barricades in Oaxaca

 PDF: The fury erupts in Oaxaca

While the bourgeoisie accumulate Capital, the exploited accumulate rage. The current uprising in Oaxaca, where the barricades burn once again, give full proof that the class struggle remains valid; We, proletarians, who each day endure the miserable conditions of survival and exploitation which the dictatorship of the economy imposes upon us, are also those who struggle daily in many forms against this disgusting reality.

The growing generalization of the struggle has commenced to break certain barriers, proof of which is the adhesion of numerous proletarians in support of the street blockades and the organization of self defense in the territories where the repressive bodies (that have as their objective the restoration of the nauseating civil normality) have made incursion. The participants of the conflict aren’t reduced to some teachers, students, or parents… they all form a part of the same historical subject of the class struggle: the proletariat; not of the citizenry not of any other social-democratic category.

The seed of rebellion of our class must expand, therefore an isolated struggle is a struggle lost; at the same time it must break with all the democratic illusions. Our necessities cannot be resolved at tables of dialogue, nor with signatures or reforms. The fury of our class which has accumulated and overflowed, is organizing and extending, but will have to overcome its limitations, fight against its own contradictions and take revolutionary courses, otherwise it will remain condemned once again to failure.

 To the length of this battle, the military and police force of capitalism has added more dead, arrested and disappeared to the list of the State; so it will continue to do until the social peace is imposed brutally over the oppressed and they resign themselves to obey the designs of the powerful in a servile manner. Facing the repressive assault, it’s evident that the response isn’t pacifism or marches of folded arms; It is indispensable to organize self defense and attack the oppressors, governors, representatives and jailers. This harsh imposed reality doesn’t admit naiveté, comrades! It’s necessary to have it clear that the State will never punish its hired killers or it’s torturers! Under the black sun of capitalism we are only offered death from hunger or from the bullets of the gendarmes! They fear our struggle and for that reason at every manifestation the armored cars, toxic gases and rubber bullets will be present!

The root which sustains all the massacres resides in the dominion of capitalism, for that reason our struggles must be directed towards its total destruction, there is no possible improvement or reform. For that reason, the slogan shouldn’t be “the defense of education” or of the “nation”; Caving in to the programs and slogans of the democracy only brings us to reinforce the foundations of this society of classes: the salaried work, the competition and the dictatorship of money over human life. Our slogan must be the radicalization and communion of our struggles; these can no longer wander parceled (in workers on one side and unemployed on another); furthermore, it’s essential to smash the corrals of the legal and judicial fields; The State is our enemy, there’s nothing to beg from it and no reason to treat it as an equal.

The autonomous struggle of the proletariat against the world of merchandise is the only path which leads us to real emancipation. We won’t squander our energies trying to reconcile incompatible interests; there’s no pact possible against our mortal enemy. We won’t shed our blood to “improve” capitalism, there’s nothing positive which can be rescued from it; that which is rotten from within has no future other than its extinction, as such we will contribute to its total annihilation because only in overcoming and destroying that which destroys us can we recuperate our humanity.

Then; may the flames of the barricades not be limited to the destitution of one servant of State-Capital or the other, may our struggle not be reduced to throw down one reform or another, may our combats not be pawned off in the destitution one president or another.

We must plant something in concordance with our historical interests in this worldwide war of classes, it’s the moment to undertake one sole battle: class against class, in which there’s no turning back.

It’s the time to come out to the streets and for the fear to begin to change sides!

May solidarity be not only a written word!

To propagate the takeovers and occupations of schools, work centers, transports, streets, plazas, and bourgeois mediums of communication!

 May that which must burn, burn!

Some enraged, infuriated, uncontrolled and tired of all this shit.

Mexico. 2016.

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